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Dual WAN Wifi Mesh

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so I have this situation were we have three buses and on all of them 4g internet should be equipped for internet access.
There are two important things:
1. The buses internet should be able to work alone, when there is single bus on the field, meaning that 4g router provides internet to a switch and an AP, everyone connects to it and they are happy.
2. When all busses are in the sample place and are within the reach of each other over wifi range, then this networks should work as a single unit.

In other words, wifi mesh network with multiple WANs. The problem here is this should work automatically/seamlessly without users or IT guys doing anything after setting everything up.

So, would it work, if simply all three buses had the same SSID, though different IP ranges (say, and How would it act in places were wifi coverage overlaps?

Other thing I was thinking about was to have dual mesh AP on all buses, one would act as a mothership having a load balancer. Let's say bus A has 4g router and 2 APs, all connected to a load balancer. the APs are connected to connect to bus B and C hidden SSID, so when not in range only 4g router is in play, when bus B and C are in range, then bus A has 3 wans connected to loadbalancer acting as main router from which a cable goes to a user facing AP. Now B and C buses would have 4g router connected to 2 APs. One AP is user facing, the other is hidden. The user AP on buses B and C would have setup that mesh WAN is the main one and 4g router is failover, so that when bus A is in range, the hidden mesh will interconnect and create an endpoint of all 4g routers at bus A loadbalancer, then the output of loadbalancer will be fed to bus A user AP which will then connect to bus B and C user mesh AP which will in turn then ignore the 4g connection and will work from bus A connection. Would this work at all?

But the problem with this complicated setup, that it requires a mothership with a loadbalancer, it doesn't allow mixing the buses (so that lets say bus B and C are in the same place, but A is not). Is there any way to achieve this kind of configuration where buses when single work on their own, but when they are close they work as one?

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