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  1. R

    xt8 dropping 2.5G wan/reconnect loop

    I searched for this and did not find any obvious answers. I have a new XT8 that was flashed with the latest firmware, connected via 2.5G ethernet to a dedicated pFsense mini-pc with a intel 2.5G port While I do not see any obvious issues with my internet - i see from my asus logs that there...
  2. B

    Two AC68U in mesh, one reboot when Android phone roams

    Evening everyone from UK. I have two RT-AC68U in mesh setup with Roaming Assistant disabled as per recommendation on this forum. Only thing I have that roams between the two routers is an Android Mobile on wifi 5ghz. I have Merlin on the main router and the latest stock on the mesh router. When...
  3. E

    Solved AiMesh Binding RT-AX86U

    Just added an RP-AX56 mesh node with a wireless backhaul to my RT-AX86U network. Was working great, but I noticed a couple of wifi light switches were moving back and for between the the two (causing dhcp deauth reason unknown events, and 30sec outage on device while it reconnected), I decided...
  4. lukacs.akos

    Thick walls - need a mesh for AX (or AC?)

    Hi! Just registered, maybe you can help me: I have a ~100m^2 house, but the walls are pretty thick (around 50cm or 20 inch) and made of brick/stone - including some of the internal walls. For example there are two thick walls between the home-office room and living room. I highly doubt any...
  5. JuxtaMatrix

    Mesh Router Comparison Table

    Hi. I recently started a non-commercial website where I post comparison tables for anyone to see. I'm looking for one or more volunteers to create a comparison table for residential mesh routers. What better place to ask than this forum of enthusiasts on the subject? If one or more of you are...
  6. 7

    Setting up an Extra AP with Asus's XT8

    Hello, I want to buy Asus's ZenWifi XT8. But before doing that I have a question. I have a Cisco Access Point (Model: AIR-AP1832I-E-K9). Can I set up my 2 Asus units and connect the Cisco AP as a third unit with them?, having them all broadcast the same SSID as a one network and have a good...
  7. A

    92U Mesh - Turn off wifi on main unit?

    Hello all, I recently purchased a 92u twin pack with the intention of using in a wired backhaul mesh setup. The issue I have is that whilst my house is fibre to property and pre-wired with ethernet, the wiring is all in an under the stairs cupboard which is not the best place to put any...
  8. Darf Nader

    ASUS devices supporting AI-Mesh

    Is there a definitive list of all the ASUS devices that support AI Mesh? I found a third party list that might include all of the Asus routers that support it but I can’t say it’s definitive nor does it list any access points. I don’t know if that’s because access points aren’t supported or if...
  9. Justinas

    Dual WAN Wifi Mesh

    Hi, so I have this situation were we have three buses and on all of them 4g internet should be equipped for internet access. There are two important things: 1. The buses internet should be able to work alone, when there is single bus on the field, meaning that 4g router provides internet to a...
  10. D

    Mesh Wi-Fi - What's the best for me and for 2019?

    Hi, I just cancelled my order for Google WiFi and have decided to get what SNB recommends as the best for 2019. Is the AC3000 Orbi still the way to go? I'm happy to pay premium prices for the right product so that it will last me for as long as it can. I don't mind a bit of tech-tinkering, but...
  11. S

    CES 2019: Linksys Adds Mesh To An Oldie and Subscription Security To Velop

    Linksys announced its first new products since it was bought by Foxconn last March. The MR8300 MAX STREAM AC2200 Tri-Band Mesh WiFi Router appears to be its EA8300 with new firmware that will form a mesh network with a single Velop Mesh node. It lists for $199.99 and will be shipping shortly...
  12. thiggins

    CES 2019: ASUS Announces Lyra Voice...One More Time

    ASUS' Lyra Voice mesh router /Alexa powered smart speaker combo announced at last year's CES, now has a price and ship date. The company announced today it will be available "in the coming weeks" for $219.99 MSRP. The hardware hasn't changed since last year's announcement and still is built...
  13. thiggins

    CES 2019: D-Link Adds Mesh To Exo Router Family

    D-Link has refreshed its Exo wireless router family and added mesh capability to the five routers and two extenders announced today. All the new Exo routers have Gigabit Ethernet ports (1 WAN, 4 LAN), USB 3.0 port for storage sharing and support some management capabilities through Google...
  14. thiggins

    Devolo Debuts Mesh WiFi System With Powerline Backhaul

    Devolo will announce its Magic Wi-Fi system at IFA 2018. The system pairs dual-band Wi-Fi access points with second-Generation powerline to produce a Wi-Fi mesh system that uses powerline for backhaul instead of Wi-Fi. The company said the product provides mesh Wi-Fi with fast roaming...
  15. thiggins

    First EasyMesh Certified Product Is Out. It's An Extender

    ARRIS last week announced what it says is the first product to receive Wi-Fi EasyMesh™ certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance. The VAP4641 is a dual-band two radio extender with four-stream 802.11ac 5 GHz and two-stream 802.11n 2.4 GHz radios. The 5 GHz radio supports MU-MIMO and 160 MHz...
  16. A

    Advice: Mesh System or 2 Routers?

    I’m looking to upgrade my home Wi-Fi system to account for a fairly large amount of streaming devices. Have 3 kids (8, 11, 14) and 2 adults, no cable, so there are definitely times we are all streaming (or playing video games) at once (& probably an occasion where 1-2 of the streamers is also...
  17. thiggins

    Comcast Goes Nationwide With XFi Pod Wi-Fi Extenders

    Comcast today announced nationwide availability for its xFi Pod Wi-Fi extenders. The company had previously trialed the devices in limited markets late last year. The Pods act as Wi-Fi extenders, working with select Comcast xFi gateways (Arris TG1682G, Cisco 3941T, Arris TG3482G, Technicolor...
  18. M

    Asus RT-AC88U meshed with RT-AC3100

    I set up the 88 as the master and the 3100 as the meshed Node. The 3100 is hooked up through an ethernet run from downstairs media room to an upstairs office. The 3100 is placed where it will have broad reach from upstairs. Couple questions since this my first time setting up a meshed network...
  19. thiggins

    OrbiOS MR 2.1 issues, including Ethernet Backhaul - NETGEAR Thread

    If you have been having trouble getting Ethernet backhaul to work or other stability issues with Orbi, read this thread.
  20. b1ggjoe

    Need Advice: Thinking About Going The 'WiFi System' Route??

    Hey Everyone, So, I'm a bit stuck on which way I should go. I've immersed myself in tons of articles and information on this incredible website. I think I know what I want to do, however I welcome your advice: Very recently, I was able to move into a brand-new home. It's a 2-story home and...