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Dummies guide to Policy Based Routing?

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I am using the latest Merlin firmware on my RT A.C. 66U_B1. I am using it with Express VPN and everything works well. I would like to make things easier for my partner by directing traffic from my 2 FIRE TV through the VPN so as to avoid having to enable it first, and for all other traffic to bypass the VPN. Does this feature work on this model of router or would I need to upgrade it?

I have limited technical knowledge of LANs and networks and don't want to mess things up by changing settings on a trial and error basis. I don't fully understand the instructions in the wiki so wonder if someone could prompt me through the process ?


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Peter, welcome. We have an RT-AC3200 and RT-AC86U, using Merlin FW. We're partial to Asus as long as we can run Merlin FW. We've run AFTV and other streaming devices through our VPN provider successfully, and with the OpenVPN clients under Merlin, any device that you don't want to travel over VPN, can instead be routed to WAN, in the same OpenVPN client listings.

We haven't used the stock Asus firmware for years, as IMO, Merlin is simply better. Asus stock firmware on most current models does allow for AiMesh, which Merlin doesn't provide; it's in the proprietary Asus code, so if you need that, you'll have to stick with official Asus FW.

There have been recent issues with routing AFTV over VPNs. Amazon has at times seemed to block all VPNs. Perhaps Express has a robust enough network that it's not as much of an issue. If your Fire devices have stock FW and you don't try to block Amazon's Fire FW updates, you shouldn't have many problems, but am not remotely impressed with Amazon's Fire device support.

Any question you might have with Asus routers (running Merlin FW) has been asked and answered many times over, for every model. You can get good search results using your favorite search engine or in the forum by keeping your queries short and simple. If you use Duck or google, at the end of your search phrase type SNB forums, and it should point you to relevant threads/questions here and elsewhere. This will develop your search-fu skills and you'll learn the confidence you need to work with your router and setting it up. There are many knowledgeable members who read the forums, but they have jobs, families and may not be able to provide the immediate answers you want. The wiki may seem a daunting but your router is still relevant. Look at the FW/GUI photos for both Asus and Merlin's FW as well as the update change-logs. Time spent searching and learning will get you where you want to be and everyone starts at the beginning. Hope this helps, good luck.

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