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Enclosure advice for DIY NAS

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New Around Here
Hello everyone,
Are there any recommended cases for an DIY ATX NAS?
I already have a bunch of parts lying around (MB, RAM, CPU, PS, ETC.), I only miss a case.

The target is to build a RAID 5 NAS, starting with 3 1TB disks, two of which I already have. Performance is not an issue, as I am only looking to build a secure long term storage (archive) for my data.

Any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance,
I'm building a new NAS (new components...I give away my old computers usually) and ended up ordering this:

Antec Mini P180 mATX Black Aluminum Case

I haven't received it yet (waiting for a pricematch from the vendor) but it seems like a good choice. Was going to go with the Chenbro but I could not get over that it was double the price of the CPU/motherboard that I went with.

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