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Recommended specs for small personal NAS

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Just to keep you guys updated on the project, my NAS is now fully fonctionnal! Maybe not in it's final form, time will tell since I had quite some fun learning to use the Terminal and might tweak it further.

I am using a Raspberry Pi 4 with two Samsung EVO 860 SSD in a RAID1 assembly (thanks to mdadm) on Nextcloud 18.0.1. I can connect from the WAN with a DDNS address and an OpenVPN tunnel (with the Merlin firmware on the ASUS router, it really was an easier task that I thought).

I know people can squint thinking about drives connected via usb ports but do keep in mind this is a personnal project, not for a commercial use.
I know HDD are cheaper and that would be my choice if I could go back in time but I initially hoped that the RPi could manage to power two drives if they were really cheap on gas. Turns out .5A per port really ain't enough and I couldn't get the sync going on between the drives so I had to add external power.

Thanks for your time and answers, I'm keeping this page bookmarked for future reference!

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