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ET12 LAN setup

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New Around Here
I'm new to my Asus ET12 system, so pardon my ignorance. But I have a configuration or hardware problem, I think.

Brand new 2-unit ET12 system. Plugged my modem into the WAN port. Setup seemed to run great. 2nd unit connected wirelessly. But my plan was to use wired backhaul. So, after it was all set up, I took the 2nd unit upstairs and plugged it into the WAN. The feed to the second floor comes out of the 2.5G LAN port on unit #1.

Wired connection/config from unit 1 to unit 2 looked good - I was seeing the wired connection in the app on unit 2. So then I plugged my laptop into the 2.5G LAN port. No connection - it did not show as green in the Asus app (WAN showed green/connected, but not the 2.5G LAN) and no connection on my MacBook. So I tried the LAN 1 port. Connection worked (showed green in the app and connected to my MacBook.

Here's my question... why would the 2.5G LAN port not work on unit #2?

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