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FCC OET Filings--March

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For a device to utilize the radio spectrum in the United States, the FCC requires hardware manufacturers to apply for the relevant license. These publically-accessible applications typically include manuals, specifications, and photos of internal hardware; from this information the capabilities/performance of a particular device can be estimated weeks before the product reaches retail.

For March 1st-31st:

"D Link Corporation"
DCM-604 4-port wireless 11g/VOIP cable modem.

"Cisco-Linksys LLC"
WRT160NL Wireless-N Broadband Router with Storage Link. Atheros AR9130+AR9102 CPU/11n 2.4 GHz 2T2R radio chipset. Fast Ethernet Realtek switch chip. Flash chip markings unreadable; 32 MB RAM. 2 removable antennas (RPSMA/ 1.8 dBi) which is uncommon ever since the UFO design. Perhaps this router is a nod towards the hobbyist community.

"Netgear Incorporated"
No filings.

"TRENDware International Inc."
TV-M7 11g USB client. Ralink RT2528L+RT2571WF chipset.
TEW-664UB 11n dual-band USB client. Ralink RT2870+2850L chipset, PCB antenna.

"Belkin International, Inc."
F5D8236-4 v3 N Wireless Router. Ralink RT3052F Integrated CPU/Radio/Fast Ethernet Switch (2.4 GHz 11n 2T2R). Per the test report, 2 MB Flash and 8 MB RAM. 2 non-removable 1.8 dBi antennas.
F6D4630-4 v1 Enhanced Wireless Modem Router. 2.4 GHz Ralink RT2820 transceiver and RT2860 11n 2T3R BB/MAC. A single antenna though (2 dBi). CPU obscured. Realtek RTL8306S Fast Ethernet switch.
F5D7234-4 v4 G Wireless Router. Atheros-based, internal antenna.
F6D4050 v2 Enhanced Wireless USB Adapter. 2.4 GHz Ralink RT3070L 11n radio, 1T1R. 2 dBi internal antenna.
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