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Finding a T1 -Strange Question

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I inherited a funky office. Awhile back the company switched over to cable for the promise of faster download speeds. They were under contract still for a T1 with a telecom company for two more years. They are paying for both, but the only ip range I can detect anywhere in the office is from the cable modem/router. The T1 line comes into this commercial building and terminates in a cleaning closet three doors down. I know from there it came into our office space probably through a drop ceiling. The cable on the other hand was simply piped into the office directly. I can still ping the old T1 Gateway's IP sitting at any machine in the office, but am not sure how to find it's physical entry point. I'd like to use it as a small file/webserver for traveling sales reps.

any ideas?
Why don't you just go to the cleaning closet and look for the T1 router / CPE?

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