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Yes, that's how I switched modes. I'll try as you suggest. Thanks!
If you switched your AX86U from Router to AP Mode without touching anything else, the default configuration is Automatic IP. Reboot the router and run the Device Discovery tool once again. The router in AP Mode will take an IP from Firewalla's DHCP server. Use this IP to access the router's GUI.
Wohoo, that did the trick.

Thanks Tech9!


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Perhaps set the firewalla to the same IP range as what the router has? Did you used to use 192.168.83.x?
Hi Paul. I tried Tech9's solution above to get the router to draw on the Purple's DHCP server. Worked. All is good. And thanks for your assistance too!


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If you did not reset the router, connected devices in GUI will have the same names as in Router mode. In case you use custom client names.


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I debated deploying Firewalla (Gold or Purple) model ~ 3 months ago as the front facing internet door - right when the "TechCrunch" article was published. I also dove into many earlier reviews and liked what I read. I also looked into the support forums - great place to find about customer service. ;)

One of the sticking points I saw was their current implementations there is a limit on the # of banned country codes it would accept. I think the "Purple" was 10 and I have at least 15+ in skynet today. I understand their design goal to KIS but that hit pause button for me. Note: The Gold model has an unlimited # of banned countries.

IMHO, the "Purple Firewalla" is a near-perfect companion for traveling whether it be hotels or home-away/air-b-n-b rentals. I never trust those things natively. With it's very limited wifi, it's perfect for same-room deployment as it was never intended to cover a whole house (wirelessly) and they make that very clear. So using Firewalla as the main front doors with the most excellent ASUS routers as WAPs is attractive for a KIS(er) but more generally hardened approach - aka thinking in-laws and less tech savvy family members we all tend to support in these parts! ;)

My network is already subnet for prod/work and IOT+other traffic (kid's machines) which I do not trust quite as much. I also use 2 older RT-AC68U as WAPs and RT-AX86U as the main front doors today.

Please update this thread on what you learn and determine with your experiments! Peace. Later.
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So I got the FW Purple and installed it as router and attached Asus AX88U in AP running Merlin. I was reluctant to switch AX88& to AP from router but I wasn't comfortable with Trend Micro or Asus firewall, and didn't know what was going on behind the scenes in the router and attached devices. In any event the installation was effortless. The Firewalla purple and gold have the ability to run Open VPN as well as Wireguard in guest and server mode. I have guest set up and like the Asus Open VPN Director it allows you to pick and choose which connected devices get to use Open VPN or Wireguard, including those devices residing in "quarantine." And the VPN has a kill switch. Quarantine operates somewhat like "guest" mode but allows you to apply VPN. Firewalla has a "free" VPN for use in VPN server mode which is fantastic! I suppose the main difference between Firewalla and Asus is how Firewalla allows you to see everything going on in and through the router, to include network flows of each individual connected device. Moreover it allows you to block activity you aren't sure about and create rules on the fly. Just amazing product from a guy, Jerry Chen, who has more than 20 years working on data protection at Cisco Systems. Here is a better review:
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