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FIXED: New Router Installed, LAN broke

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Today I swapped out my old RT-AC68U for a RT-AC86U. First thing I did was flash Merlin FW 384.9 for this router. After that, except for a few wireless devices that would not initially accept the manual IP assignment from the new router, everything went quite easy. Except for one thing that has driven me crazy.

One of my PC which has been running both Apache and EventGhost Webserver for years started to act up. Neither the Apache or EG would respond to anything either from within the LAN or WAN. I could however ping the PC without issue. I tried re-assigning the static IP, rebooted the PC and/or router umpteen times, removed all other PC from the LAN but nothing worked.

I decided that something must have been set wrong for this new router so I disconnected it and plugged everything back into the AC68U. No go... Other than using localhost, neither Apache nor EG would respond to anything from LAN or WAN. At this point I assumed something on this PC changed but decided to try one more thing.

I have a Netgear R7000 flashed with Merling 384.9 as well and I connected it to another WAN port on my modem. I plugged my PCS into it and, voila, everything worked just fine.

I shutdown the R7000 and disconnected it from the modem and plugged the AC86U into this port. Plugged everything back into the AC86U and rebooted everthing. No go...

I repeated the R7000 experiment and sure enough everything works just fine. I am at a total loss on what next steps I could try. Any suggestions would be much appreciated
Well, I fixed the problem the hard way. Fortunately, I had a Win 10 system restore point from a few days ago that I restored to this PC. Weird thing though, once it was restored and PC reboot a popup appeared indicating a new network was found. I have to assume there was a problem with the network adapter but its beyond me why this only created a problem under the new AC86U (& subsequently the old ac68u) but not under the R7000.
First, if the 86U is a new router with stock Asus firmware you flashed to Merlin 384.9, you should do a factory default reset and manually reconfigure or you will most likely experience problems now or down the road.

Second, you cannot legally use Merlin's firmware on a Netgear router since it is based on Asus code. I'm not the firmware police here, just reminding you of a copyright issue.

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