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ZenWifi XT8 not allowing LAN crosstalk

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I have two XT8s, one is the primary router and one is connected by ethernet as a mesh node. That all works fine.

However I've noticed both the primary and mesh node have 3 LAN ports, and anything I connect on those ports cant talk to each other. They can talk to wireless clients just fine, and anything on the other node. But the three LAN ports on one device have no crosstalk. On my primary XT8 I had a computer plugged in to one LAN port and an HD-Homerun streaming device plugged in to another. it took me days of troubleshooting only to realize, if I plugged the devices into a random gigabit switch, and then plugged the switch into XT8, everything was fine. Everybody could talk to everybody.

Now the same thing is happening with the mesh node, I have a computer plugged into one LAN port, I tried to plug a printer to the other LAN port and no crosstalk. If I unplug the computer and connect via Wifi instead, no issues, printer hooks right up.

So what the hell? I dont want to buy a bunch of switches and cables just to enable crosstalk. Why on earth wont these LAN ports talk to each other?
Both running latest available stock Asuswrt firmware?
The connection is main LAN port to node WAN port?
Was it working before of you just discovered the issue?

This XT8 set has some quirks. Perhaps reset and redo the network may help.
Latest firmwares.

LAN port on primary goes to WAN port on node.

No, crosstalk between LAN ports has never worked as far as I can tell.

I really don't want to factory reset, it took me AGES to figure out a procedure that would get me up and running with my AT&T fiber router. The XT8 is one of the worst purchases ever.
If you share your experience in the firmware release thread someone may eventually help you.


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