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Fixing another person's setup

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A client of mine referred another customer to me and I am looking for some guidance on what to do.

Client has a large property (1 acre) in size. It has approximately 6 buildings on it. The current infrastructure is a wired-backbone of Synology routers in a mesh. This covers the insides of the buildings fine but the client wants to have coverage outside the buildings now. The Synology routers do not have the capability to provide enough signal outdoors for the customer's needs.

Do you know if it is possible to add something like that Ubiquiti UAP-AC-M-US to the existing Synology network without adding a controller? I hope that I don't have to scrap $2500 in Synology routers because the previous person's mistakes.
What's my cut on the project?

You're asking the forum here to backstop your potential project, one where you get paid...
You should be able to divide up the firewall, routing, switching and wireless. They do not need to be together.
In large networks they cannot be together.

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