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Forwarding Port 443 to specific LAN-IP not working

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I'm trying to forward incoming traffic from WAN on Port 443 to my RaspberryPi server. However when trying to connect to https / port 443 through my domain name I always get "Connection refused".
I'm currently running Merlin 348.9 on a RT-AC88U.
I've set up the port forwarding of 443 to the LAN-IP of my RasPi.
On WAN I am on a static IPv4. My ISP is not blocking any access. Forwarding to a mailserver running on RasPi works fine. Forwarding port 80 to RasPi works, too. AICloud etc. are disabled. WebUI is only running as HTTP.
lsof shows no services listening on 443 on my router . Forwarding any other WAN-Port to 443 on RasPi works.

Is this a limitation of the firmware? Anyone got a workaround?

Many greetings and thanks in advance!
Check which port AiCloud is using, it defaults to 443

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A lot of ISPs block ports 80/443....check your user agreement.

Nope. I'm on a business plan which explicitly allows full server hosting.
Also, I've tried running a lighttpd on my AC88U on port 443. With this setup I was able to connect from my phone on my mobile connection without problem.

Sorry for bothering. I found the problem. Stupid me did a typo.... :-(
Didn’t know that. Why?

So they can charge you if you need it, of course! :)

(And to basically limit constant uploads from your connection too).

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