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Get “enter network credentials” trying to access Synology NAS.

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I am setting up a new Synology NAS (DS423). It is running 7.2.6xxx release
I have set up a shared folder that isn’t supposed to require a password.
On one laptop running Windows 10 and a desktop running Win 8 it works without password.
On a different laptop running Win 10 and another desktop running Win 8 I get a “enter network credentials dialog box.
If I enter q correct username and password they aren’t accepted.
If I enter net view \\”servername”
I get “System error 5 has occurred”
All four Windows PC can connect to an older Synology NAS (DS218j) running 6.2.4xxx
Is there some setting I am missing on the DS423 or is it a Windows setting?


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are they all part of the same windows network group ?
have all been rebooted since bringing up the new nas ?
Are the win machines all the same version (pro vs home) ?
is each running under an admin account or user account ?
just some ideas
I found that the problem is the LAN Manager authentication level setting in Windows.
On the Windows 10 PC that could access the DS423 the setting was undefined.
On the Windows 10 PC that couldn’t access the 423 I had it set to
“Send LM & NTLM - use NTLMv2 session security if negotiated”
The registry key is
With a value of 1.


This setting (1) works fine for accessing my DS218j running 6.2.4, Windows 7, 8, 10, Ubuntu, and Qnap shares.
The only way I found to set the level undefined is to delete the registry key.
This “fixes” the problem and so far undefined works with everything.
What is the correct LAN Manager authentication level setting for 7.2?
Remember, in DSM, you have the SMB options there - so might be easier to manage DSM vs. the desktop clients (windows update can break things)

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