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Got some routers, need help.

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New Around Here
Hey everyone! I'm new here. So I have been searching for some information or a help perhaps. I really dont know much about routers and I need help with those. Got some routers with me and I dont know if they work or broken so I will start with each model and the problem, perhaps u could suggest some fix, thanks!

1. ASUS RT-AC88U (Only Power ON Cable attached and only 1 Antenna equiped)
Problem - Solid White Power ON LED. Only Power ON LED works, none of the other LED'S. Tried pushing WiFi button, but it doesnt work ether as I see, tried restarting with WPS + Power button. Tried that red button at the back, nothing helped.

2. ASUS RT-AC88U (Only Power ON Cable attached and only 1 Antenna equiped)
Problem - This one has LAN Solid White LED. The other one's (Power ON, USB 2.0 and WPS) has blurry white LED'S. Same as the first, restart buttons doesnt work.

The Power Cable I use 19V=2.37A original from ASUS.
I really dont know much about routers

Both devices are obviously defective with perhaps hardware issues. Locate nearest electronics recycling place and recycle. In order to eventually fix you need to know not only this particular device specifics, but also have electronics repair skills and the needed equipment. Pointing out the exact issue based on brief description is impossible, unless it's a very common issue. For example Router 2 looks like blown component symptoms to me, based on experience with other models. Router 1 can be as simple as bad power supply to hard to fix internal defect, not worth the time. This model is End-Of-Life with no more support from the manufacturer.
We dont do recyling in our country, we fix everything and sell it. Flipin everything we can. Got many stuff, cause I’m IT guy myself, just new with the routers, soo need advice where to start checking for problem.
Start with the obvious - power supplies first. If all good you can monitor the boot process for clues. I believe this router has UART connector inside. If no signs of life you have to use your hardware repair skills. No schematics online for Asus routers, repair is based on your previous experience. Visual inspection first, microscope and thermal camera help a lot. Most often devices like this have blown voltage regulator issues or RoHS related issues. Defective RAM or flash is rare, but happens too. This is harder to fix. For more extensive repair you need hot air station and BGA ICs replacing and reballing experience. You can eventually use one of the routers as parts donor.

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