GT-AC5300 New Firmware July 13 2020 -

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thanks @ForkWNY, fortunately I don't have server forwarding rules

Out of you use AiProtection as well as the Traffic Analyzer on your GT-AC5300? I've noticed the history data was cleared out for both after the firmware update.

I forwarded the logs and config data from within the Router to ASUS for review, and reported the log history (and port forwarding) data loss from my end. Someone else posted that their port forwarding rules were still intact after the firmware update.


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I do use AI protection and I occasionally look at real time traffic, I tend to blacklist any sites that appear, and clear things out on a regular basis so I can see new issues and take appropriate action
I have however noticed in teh logs a lot more data about devices about devices being disconnected and re-authenticated which happen every 30 minutes or so.
Throughput still hitting expected values.

I just heard that my RT-AX89X has been shipped, so will move the GT-AC5300 to a mesh node when this arrives.

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