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GT-AX11000 - Dual WAN bug if using PPPoE

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This bug affects both the Asus stock and Merlin 388.1_0_rog.

I have two separate Fiber providers. The router connects directly to the ONT of each provider, one to the 2.5G WAN port and the other to the 1G WAN port. Each WAN is configured with PPoE, and each provider has their own separate username/password.

When not using Dual WAN, and for the Primary WAN I select either on of the two 2.5G WAN or the 1G WAN, both work perfectly fine. When I enable Dual WAN setting the primary as the 2.5G and the secondary as the 1G (or vice-versa, the bug remains), and regardless of what Dual WAN mode I select (Fail over or Load Balance), the firmware has the following bug:

The authentication credentials the router uses are no longer correct, as I always get a "Invalid account or password" on the Primary WAN, and a "Disconnected" on the Secondary WAN.

Even if I re-enter the PPPoE credentials for both the primary and the secondary, the router will not use those credential for each connection.

If I disable dual WAN, then the credentials will work again for both the 2.5G and the 1G (of course I have to select one of them as the "Primary WAN" and wait until the router reboots.
This must be down to the configuration for the WAN type for the secondary WAN. I use PPPoE on the primary WAN but not on the secondary WAN and it works just fine.

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