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GT-AX11000 or GT-AXE11000 or GT-AX6000: Which one has better coverage?

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For those that have used these routers would you please comment on the maximum coverage you've seen by 2.4/5/6GHz band (3000, 4000, 5000 sqft)? I currently have a RT-AC5300 that barely covers the house and am looking to upgrade (perhaps using the RT-AC5300 in a mesh with one of these routers if one of these won't do). Any Merlin-capable suggestions are welcome.
It will vary and your question is too vague.

A router will likely give “more coverage” to a house that’s 5000sqft with plasterboard walls than the same 5000sqft house with concrete walls.
I think I found my answer (using relative measurements) . . .


Ref.: https://dongknows.com/best-gaming-routers/

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