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New Around Here
I'm going from an rt-ac86u to rt-ax86u.
Is it possilbe to flash the ax86u and restore the backup file from my ac86u? Or will I have to do it from scratch?

Regardless of that, I also have a usb plugged in with amtm and skynet on it. Can I just plug that in to the new router
and have it working, or would that need to be setup from scratch again?

Is it possilbe to flash the ax86u and restore the backup file from my ac86u? Or will I have to do it from scratch?
DO NOT import a saved router CFG file from a different or older router model. If you use the site search feature to search past discussions/posts you'll see some have tried it and experienced a number of issues.

Generally it is best to configure the new router and any add-on scripts from scratch. It is possible there could be options, configuration values, or NVRAM values that differ from older router models to newer router models. Those differences could potentially cause problems with add-on scripts that are copied over from older router models. Its a hassle to manually reconfigure but it is often the best way to avoid any issues down the road. You can take screen captures or print PDF pages of the screens from your old router to capture the settings to use on the new router. There are various methods (again use the site search feature, or just use YazDHCP) to copy manual DHCP IP reservations from the older router to the newer one.
Ok, thanks, I shall do that, won't take that long.

I just saw someone mentioning in a review that they did so, figured i'd check on the process
I just saw someone mentioning in a review

Don't Know Tech website.

Custom firmware, custom scripts, USB with swap and Entware - definitely reconfigure manually.

You may be interested to read this as well:

...but you have to know what are you doing. Also your new router is perhaps RT-AX86U Pro model.
And another thing: you may find that something you've always done before doesn't do the same thing the same way anymore. Either because it's become broken or because it's finally been fixed to work as intended by design and/or regulation.

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