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HDD cannot be detected in USB-3 mode

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Hi All,
Prepared my old HDD SAMSUNG HD103SI from windows creating one big NTFS and another small EXT4 partion for Entware. EXT4 partition prepared cloning the previous 16GB USB stick image.
HDD scaned and tested,USB-3 was ok with Windows, gave me around 100Mb/s.
USB-2 mode on the router works ok, no issues. Switching to USB-3 mode gives a lot of "device not accepting address 13, error -71" and similar errors. GUI looks like gets refreshed too often. No USB devices attached. Applied the latest firmware version and no changes.
How is this HDD powered? If from the USB port - it exceeds the USB power limits. It has to be on external power source.

Not all USB controllers are compatible with routers. I had a few USB sticks and USB enclosures not recognized in USB3 mode.
It is Orico 7688

Oh... I have one exactly Orico 7688U3. I was about to say use it in USB2 mode, but this case comes with HUGE inconvenience (unless you have different newer revision) - it doesn't start automatically after power loss, you have to press the button! After power loss your router will start with no swap, Entware, scripts, etc. You have to power the case manually and reboot the router again... until next power disruption. Most folks around use something like this instead, USB powered:


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