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New Around Here
Hi there,

I am on the market to buy a new NAS I owned the Thecus N5500 and found the performance to be very good in terms of transfers, not always 100% stable but good nevertheless.

Now I am torn between the QNAP TS 439 - QNAP TS 509

These seem to be very good performers and the AJAX web interface to come is refreshing.

I have hours of research but now its time ask... in terms of performance will the TS 509 around have a write speed that is 40% faster than the TS 409.

4 or 5 drives is fine for me and not the deciding factor - the deciding factor is network performance for streaming, file transfers etc.

Bottom line which one of these faster and if so by how much as I have not been able to find any real concrete stats at all.

Thanks in advance.:eek:
I can't tell you until I test the TS439, which won't be anytime soon.
QNAP is sending a TS639 Pro first (and a TS 509 Pro for retest with our new test platform).
Okay many thanks for the update.

The 439 and 509 there is only 60 pound difference... I need speed so I am torn between these two... I read such mixed reviews... some say the 439 beat the 509 but how is that possible with when 439 is atom based and 509 a celeron ???

Just 12 days left till I purchase... somebody throw me a lifeline pls LOL and I will share all my findings with the NAS I end up choosing...

Any thoughts suggestions?

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