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Help. 5GHz-1 is not working.

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I made a post a short while ago: https://www.snbforums.com/threads/how-do-you-turn-off-aimesh-mode.58333/ describing a problem I was having, and the only solution was to reset the router.
I not only reset the router. I installed Merlin on there first, then did a full reset. I redid all of my settings by hand. And now the problem still persists for some reason.

The 5GHz-2 network shows up on devices and works, but the 5GHz-1 one does not.

What could possibly be wrong?

The wireless log on the router shows its up and running, and Ive tried several laptops and mobile devices to scan for it, but nothing is showing up.
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BTW. I have done the reset via software (Administration > Restore/Save/Upload > Factory default), and also via the hardware reset button on the router itself. Neither have restored the use of the 5GHz-1 channel.
Can someone please help me diagnose what the problem might be? Thanks.
Unfortunately this looks like some kind of a hardware failure :(

While messing with the settings for hours I noticed the 5GHz-1 channel briefly pop up on my laptop, but with a really weak signal. I went closer and closer with my phone to see if it would show on that as well, and it does, when I am literally two feet from the router. And even then the signal is 1 bar of strength.
Ok, I did some reading and saw there is a 2 year warranty? Does that include RMA units? Because I had issues with my first one and got a replacement (actually 2), and the date that shipped was Oct 2017, so within 2 years.
I am really hesitant to do this even if I am eligible because my first two units would just get stuck in a boot loop and I tried everything to fix that, and only the third unit was finally good, and look where we are, its broken too.

Advice please.
My RT-AC3200 developed the same problem a few months ago (extremely weak 5Ghz-2 signal). I was not able to fix it with several reflash and resets, testing the power unit, disabling things... , and also ended up concluding it was a hardware problem, so my suggestion is the same as already posted.. stop fiddling with it and either exchange it (if you can) or replace it with another new unit..
The warranty limit only covers the original purchase, not the date of the replacement I got. Its 50 bucks just for the diagnostic, let alone the cost to fix it.
I guess I am screwed :(

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