High Wired Loaded Ping on GT-AX11000


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I just upgraded from a Portal router (www.portalwifi.com - long dead kickstarter router) to a GT-AX11000 (which I will extend later with mesh nodes).

The loaded ping time is significantly higher than on my Portal. I'm just going straight from the ONT to the router (ethernet) and then from the router to my desktop (ethernet). Enabling/Disabling QoS doesn't seem to impact the numbers. I've got AI Protection disabled, Firewall disabled... pretty much everything I can find disabled. On the latest firmware.

I've tested a good half dozen times going back and forth, the only thing changing being which router is connected to the two ethernet cables. The results remain pretty consistent.

Any ideas here? This seems odd to me that a newer device with much stronger hardware would have such poor ping times when loaded on a measly 200/200 connection. (I'd like to eventually upgrade to gigabit soon.)





(Edit: I'm not sure what was up with the download speed in that last test - it's usually closer to 200, but the download active latency is pretty much always +~60


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I don't know the answer to your problem, but don't disable the router's firewall (unless your router is behind another firewall).


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Welcome to the forums @HellsChicken.

The 'latest firmware' doesn't mean much. Please specify.

Did you do a full reset to factory defaults after flashing the firmware you're using now?

Note that a full reset may also be necessary if you've been toggling features/options on/off too (toggling some features/options on/off isn't the same as leaving the option off in the first place).

The defaults work pretty well for most of us for a reason. There should be no need to disable anything for a wired connection.

The easiest way to get back to a good/known state is with a full reset. Do not have any USB devices plugged into the router. Do not use an old saved backup config file (which will negate the full reset). Be sure you use the appropriate method for your model in the link below.

After you have done the reset, test at each step before customizing things further (and to double-check, after a reboot after each change too).

[Wireless] ASUS router Hard Factory Reset | Official Support | ASUS Global

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Thanks for the replies!

Firmware version is

I was using factory settings except that I started turning things off (I think the firewall was really the only thing that was on by default). But I did just give a try doing a factory reset with the link you had. My network conditions (I don't know if this is an ISP thing...?) seem to be better right now. They are better for both the GT-AX11000 as well as the Portal, which continues to beat it (particularly in Fast.com's test).

Here's what I'm getting now fresh out of a factory reset for the GT-AX11000:





So improved on the waveform test, but not fast.com. And still nowhere close to the Portal under current conditions, whatever the reason.

Is this normal to have such high loaded latency? Or is there more I can do here?


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The only way I was able to solve this was installing Merlin and using cake SQM. Now I have significantly improved latency!


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