Solved How can I use Asus RP-AC68U with my Linksys WRT-1900AC router?


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I'm very happy with the LAN speeds from Linksys router but the parental controls and mobile app management is terrible.

I found a barely used RP-AC68U locally for not much $$ and was wondering if this is a good way or even possible to use as access point and ditch/use the Linksys router for its VLAN tagging?

Currently have UFB where ONT modem is connected to the Linksys router.

I was thinking if there is a way to have:
ONT -> Linksys Router -> RP-AC68U

All of this because I want the Asus web software and mobile app for parental controls.

If it matters, house is 130m2, 130psqft single storey on 1000mbps UFB ISP plan where all my "important" devices are connected to gigabit ports for full speeds. Not too worried about wireless speeds.


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The RP-AC68U is a repeater not a router. As such I don't believe it has any parental control features as they are a routing function. I don't understand your reference to VLAN tagging as Asus routers do not support VLANs (other than for IPTV).


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@brownie112 , as an access point the RP-AC68U shouldn't have any true routing capabilities.
With it in your system , as an access point, you will still be relying on the Linksys router for actual control of the packets , including the parental controls.

I'm not sure what the real world coverage of the RP-AC68U is like, but without external antenna, I wouldn't expect it to cover as much as the RT-AC68U.
There might be benefits to having it included in your network but parental control and the other featurs offered by an ASUS WiFi router won't be there.

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