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How do you keep your ASUS Router cool ?

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I own Asus DSL router and from what I have noticed, it generates a LOT and I mean A LOT of heat, when you touch it you can feel it being proper hot by the back. If it goes like this for a long time, the router won't be in a working condition for long which I'm trying to avoid as my last ASUS Router have died a month after warranty. I'm just wondering what are the options and solutions out there that you guys use to cool your ASUS Routers ?

Any recommendations ?
There are literally hundreds of posts in these forums from people discussing cooling their routers, and arguing over whether or not it is necessary. Use the search function to find them.
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Older routers, yes.

The current routers like the RT-AX86U's don't need any help being cool. They were born that way. All the other routers look up to the RT-AX86U's in awe and admiration and they repeatedly remark how they do it all without even breaking a sweat. :D
I keep my in the freezer, that seems to do the trick.:p
I always like to mount my modems and routers vertical with the cooling slots at the top and bottom so natural convection promotes airflow thru the device. I have one modem WiFi router that now only gets used as a VoIP ATA and it has lasted for more than 8 years. I attribute that long life to it being mounted vertical. It has wall mounting slots. My RT-AX86U is naturally mounted vertically. I suppose some of the very new routers with multiple antennas would have trouble getting mounted vertical. A couple of years back Amazon was pushing a couple of USB powered cooling fans which mounted on the back of my RT-AC86U. They kept it cool until the whole lot started to clog with dust brought in by the fans. Another bright idea that looked good but not so.
IMHO it would be better to post any semi-serious replies to one of the existing mega-threads on this subject, rather than creating yet another thread repeating what has already been said ad nauseam.
rather than creating yet another thread

They are going to have to due to forum limitations. The old thread is at 478 posts already:

They are going to have to due to forum limitations. The old thread is at 478 posts already:

Well that thread's still open at the moment so they can post there if they want to. But at the end of the day everything that can be said has been said. But I guess people will always just repeat the same old questions rather than reading the existing posts. <shrug>

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