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Tutorial How to install Wireproxy on your Asus-Merlin Router

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How to install Wireproxy on your Asus-Merlin Router.
I'm going to assume that you are on a windows computer

"What is this
wireproxy is a completely userspace application that connects to a wireguard peer, and exposes a socks5/http proxy or tunnels on the machine. This can be useful if you need to connect to certain sites via a wireguard peer, but can't be bothered to setup a new network interface for whatever reasons."
Or like me, you want to browse the web behind a VPN but not being affected by the downside of running a VPN on your computer while playing online games.


1: ssh into your router
2: opkg update
3: opkg install make
4: opkg install go (this will take a long time)
5: download and install winscp https://winscp.net/eng/index.php
6: open powershell and install git: winget.exe install git.git
7: open a new powershell and cd to downloads (this is probably optional but just in case)
8: git clone https://github.com/pufferffish/wireproxy.git
9: use winscp to move over the downloaded wireproxy to your router (use scp option in winscp)
10: from your ssh window, nano /opt/etc/profile and add:
export GOROOT=/opt/bin/go
export GOPROXY=https://proxy.golang.org,direct
export PATH=$PATH:/opt/bin/go/bin
11: type: source /opt/etc/profile
12: cd to wireproxy directory and run make (this will take a long time)
13: mkdir -p /opt/etc/wireproxy/
14: nano /opt/etc/wireproxy/config
15: populate it with the sample config from https://github.com/pufferffish/wireproxy
16: make the adjustments as needed, if you want to reach your wirepoxy from outside of your router, change to your lan ip, i.e
17: mv wireproxy /opt/bin/
18: nano /opt/etc/init.d/S23wireproxy
19: populdate it with the following:

ARGS="--config /opt/etc/wireproxy/config"

. /opt/etc/init.d/rc.func
20: chmod +x /opt/etc/init.d/S23wireproxy
21: /opt/etc/init.d/S23wireproxy start
22: setup your browser with http or socks5, you can use this extension for your browser.
There is a version for Edge too.

This works for your bittorrent and irc client aswell.
For irssi i am using proxychain (because there seems to be something broken with the built in irssi proxy).

I am not elite enough to port this to openwrt repository but here is a howto for those who are and feel like doing it.

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