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How to configure host wifi on an AP/bridge? RT-AC86U 384.9

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I have two RT-AC86U currently in a bridge configuration. I have looked through all the menus and I just can't seem to find the page that allows me to configure the wifi info for the main/host router (the one connected to the internet).

Related to this, I tried switching the bridge router to AP, since I have been having some issues with the bridge mode, and other suggestions on this list are to convert to AP mode. I have the same problem there, no way to set the wifi connection to the host router.

My setup has two RT-AC86U running 384.9:
1. The host router is in a central location, providing internet and file share (samba) to wifi clients, and a wired connection to a laptop
2. The bridge router is upstairs, in a location difficult to wire directly to the host, so I am using a bridge configuration over 5GHz. The bridge provides a shared network printer (wired) and a wired connection to an upstairs computer.

Internet --- Host Router (wifi) --- 5 GHz --- Bridge Router --- wired connection --- Computer


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Perhaps I wasn't clear. My bridge router is a *client* of the main router wifi, and I am looking for where I can configure the SSID/password/etc of the main router wifi that I want the bridge to connect to. The menu you show is for broadcasting wifi, and is not even an option on a bridge:


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I see. I misunderstood "I just can't seem to find the page that allows me to configure the wifi info for the main/host router (the one connected to the internet)".

Maybe you will have to switch the bridge back to router mode temporarily and then back to bridge mode. IIRC that will instigate the setup procedure again.
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Sorry about that, I wasn't sure what the terminology is for bridge/AP mode, and upon re-reading I see I really mangled what I meant :). I will take a look at the setup wizard, thanks.

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