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seeking help with bridge mode

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Colin, I believe (I failed to take notes,... :=/) it was this recipe:


which contains a shellscript to do the dirty work.

Ah, OK. I'm not that familiar with proxy-arp setups, but the Asus' Media Bridge doesn't work in that way. I don't think the Asus supports the kind of connection you're after.

It's a bit of a long shot but you could try setting the AC86U as a repeater of the facility Wi-Fi. Then just ignore the "repeated" SSID and connect an ethernet cable from the AC86U to the AX86U's WAN port as before. No idea whether that will work.
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You should be seeing this:


Zippitydoodah thats a speedy link! faster than a 1Gbps wired connection
I don't think that's relevant for Media Bridge mode because it's not a repeater.

This if for his router to avoid cross channel interference. The bridge is clearly a client of the building's network.
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RT-AC86U in Media Bridge mode, RT-AX86U in Router mode. This will work, but will also create double NAT. May or may not be a problem.
RT-AC86U in Media Bridge mode, RT-AX86U in Router mode. This will work, but will also create double NAT. May or may not be a problem.
rt-AC86U, in Media Bridge mode, attempting to use wifi as the internet side, with a LAN cable from one of its LAN ports, other end connected to the WAN port on the RT-AX86U Pro in router mode, which then hopes to serve the connection out to all my LAN devices, doesn't seem to work, per my earlier posts.

Are you implying with your posting that you think it SHOULD work? I'd be happy if you could show me how to do it.

The diagram given in the forum post shows a WIRE feeding internet to the Media Bridge, so it is backwards of what I want to do. If I had a wire coming in to my apartment I'd be deliriously happy, and wouldn't need to do any of this fooling around.

Per earlier posts I am currently using a Raspberry Pi 4B in exactly that configuration (instead of the RT-AC86U) and it works more or less fine. I was hoping to try to replace it with my (now spare) router to investigate a couple of issues I have with the current setup.

regarding double NAT, I believe using the Pi thusly in fact gives me double NAT, and it doesn't seem to be a problem.
Are you implying with your posting that you think it SHOULD work?

I know it works. Your RT-AC86U is only a wireless-to-wired bridge. Your RT-AX86U receives WAN IP from the building's Wi-Fi network. You have to make sure the LAN IP of your RT-AX86U is different. The problem - Asus so called Media Bridge is not very stable on some routers and firmware. You may have to play with firmware versions.
I am not disputing you, but you must be doing somethinig differently than the Asus instructions. I'd like to know how you do or would set it up, because when I configure it, the AC86U displays an error about there is no WAN cable connection. I want the wireless side to be the WAN-analog, and the wired side to talk to the WAN port on the AX86U Pro.

I'd appreciate your thoughts on how I would accomplish that.

Thanks in advance!


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