Tutorial [How to] Multi SSID with VLAN script, for ASUS AC3100 with Merlin

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New Around Here
Hi Everyone :cool: Newbie here,

Just updated from DD-WRT to AsusWRT-Merlin on my Asus AC3100 and needed a way to setup Multi-SSID with VLANs. I found a script on github, forked it, modified it, tested it and bingo it works. So, thought I would post it here in case others found it useful (& in case I made any mistakes, newbie after all). This was built for the AC3100 but I added instructions to show how to modify it for other models.

Shout outs to Jimmy-Z & tubaxiaosiji


up for shreddding ;)

(Edited spelling mistake, thanks @L&LD)
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Welcome @B1tman1ac, I'm sure your script will be handy for many. You may want to see the YazFi script from @Jack Yaz too.

Is Jimmy okay? (That should be 'Shout out!'). :)

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