How to resolve Security ID's to account name on RT-AC86U?


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Recently I installed a new RT-AC86U at home and moved my existing RT-AC68U to an access point (after a factory reset). Each router has an attached USB drive. On my Windows 7 desktop using home network with everything connected to WORKGROUP I can see both routers and can map to the folders on the USB drives. However, the router Security ID's have not been resolved, they should match the account name on the respective router, but the SIDs are numbered with a red question mark, as follows:


If the SIDs were resolved properly by the router, shouldn't they include the names Everyone, Administrator and root? I'm not sure why I'm seeing the numbered SIDs.

The reason this is a problem is because I have an Oppo UDP-203 media player on my home network that can see both routers via SMB1 on my network, but both routers won't accept their respective admin login/password that I enter from the 203 to access the files on the USB drives.

Previously I had this working fine when the RT-AC68U was my primary (and only) router. Now that I've added the RT-AC86U the permissions on both routers and login attempts from the 203 cannot be resolved. Any ideas?

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