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How to route/bridge OpenVPN TUN Client to LAN/BR0?

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I am trying to create a hosted OpenVPN cloud server so that I can have access to my home router remotely when my home router is using a cellular hotspot behind CGNAT.

The concept is that the Asus RT-AX86U_Pro connects to the cloud based OpenVPN server using TUN. Another (mobile) device also connects to the cloud server.

I have setup up the virtual machine on Amazon AWS. The Asus router connects fine as a client. The other device also connects fine. Both can ping each other in the VPN. But I want the mobile device to connect to the virtual server, and be able to communicate with the devices on the Asus LAN/BR0.

For example, the mobile connects to OpenVPN and is served a client IP of

The Asus router connects and is served a client IP

The Asus router BR0 is

I want to access

What configs do I need on the virtual server and/or Asus to successfully route/bridge those networks?

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