How to set up openvpn client through ssh


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Hello all,

It's my first post here and i'd like to thank the developers and contributors of the Asuswrt-Merlin project. I've been using the firmware for a couple of years now, but only via the router menu. Because i find myself having to restart my VPN client multiple times a week, i'd like to automate this task. I managed to ssh into my router (AC87U), but it was not clear to me how to (re-)start my VPN client. Does anyone know how that can be done, or where i can find out how to do it? I didn't find anything on the Wiki about this.

Thanks in advance.


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The RT-AC87U is running a very old firmware version so I don't know whether it's commands are different, but try this:
service restart_vpnclient1

There is an option in the VPN clients settings for Connection Retry attempts that may solve your problem.


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Hey, thanks for the quick response. That seems to work :) And yes, i have the option for the retry attempts set, but it doesn't always work unfortunately.

Thanks again.

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