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  1. J

    SSH to disable VPN (or VPN kill switch)

    Is it possible to SSH into the router to disable the VPN (and/or to disable the VPN kill switch?)
  2. D

    Howto enable external ssh access to netgear r7800 (i have latest Voxel & Kamoj installed)

    Howto enable external ssh access to netgear r7800 (i have latest Voxel & Kamoj installed). ssh server on router works in lan, but from wan i cannot access. and Port Forwarding / Port Triggering page doesnt allow me to create portforwarding to router itself. tried adding to /etc/netwall.conf...
  3. sfx2000

    SSH cheat sheet

    Found this via HackerNews... Even I found a couple of new tricks/tips on this collection
  4. R

    How to fix ssh host key not a multiple of 256

    When using SecureCRT (version 9.2+), part of being FIPS compliant is that the ssh key of the host being connected to, must be a multiple of 256. To be clear, I'm refering to the HOST key on the router itself, not the key used by the client to connect. Out of the box default for Merlin is not the...
  5. T

    on asus ac87u do not work ssh connections between devices in WiFi 5G

    On asus ac87u do not work ssh connections between devices in WiFi 5G When I conect from one to other device by ssh via WiFI 5G ssh connect freeze (the connection is made but I have not get TTY). Moreover I have noticed that ping to router from device to whice I connect by ssh grows up from ~5ms...
  6. M

    Asus RT-AX53U. Tell me how to mount back a USB device via SSH that was disabled programmatically.

    Hello, there is a router with stock firmware Asus RT-AX53U I connected a USB device (Webcam, which has a built-in battery), everything works, it is also used as a video storage location, it is connected to the FTP server application. There is an unusual task, sometimes you need to turn off the...
  7. M

    AX86U sudden high CPU usage

    AX86U - 388.2_2 Recently, I have been experiencing high CPU usage on my router, which has been causing connectivity issues. When that happens the DNS service (Adguard Home) stops responding. Additionally, I am unable to open an SSH connection to the router. Occasionally, I can access the...
  8. P

    SSH connection stops working after ~12h to Asus RT-AX86U -router

    SSH works as it should for approximately 12h which after the router gives me "kex_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer". When I change any setting in the router via the WebGUI and press apply, SSH works again for 12h. The SSH timeout is set to 0 (disabled). There seems to be...
  9. S

    reboot instead of halt when using putty

    Hi! When opening a command line / bash with WinSCP and typing in "halt" everything works like a charm: the router stops everything within 10-20 seconds and every LED is finally turned off and the router ready for poweroff. But when I try to achieve the same using Putty, the router always only...
  10. J

    Need help troubleshooting - problem started out of nowhere

    Hi I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction—I’m not sure what happened. I’ve been running Merlin 386.9 on my RT-AC86U since very shortly after the final version was released — my most stable experience in a long time!! No freezing. No lock files. No nothing. (Additionally, I run...
  11. A

    Can't SSH to Raspberry Pi on LAN with VPN Director

    Hi all, I have a RT-AX58U router running 388.1 firmware. I also have a VPN client that is constantly connected to Mullvad VPN (in fact, five of them with only one being active at a time). The only VPN Director rule that I have is to forward traffic from all local devices through that very VPN...
  12. Klavaro

    GUI and SSH access from tagged VLAN / Guest network.

    Hello everyone! I have a RT-AX68U router, and I'd like to set up VLANs and subnets to have a proper DMZ and internal network to build a homelab. I followed this guide which helped me set up the basic stuff. Problem is I can't access the GUI nor SSH...
  13. H

    RT-AC86U - can I upload the router settings via command line, from a USB drive?

    Hello everyone, on an Asus Merlin router (I have RT-AC86U), is it possible to upload a saved file of router settings via command line, logged into the router via ssh? (You ordinarily do this at the Admin menu - Restore/Save/Upload settings). I would probably have to use a USB drive plugged into...
  14. A

    Download Master: Hack to change username/password

    Hello everyone, I'm hoping to find some hackers/unix magicians able to help me change the username/password for Download Master 2 provided by Asus. I tried looking around the router config files using ssh, and so far it seems that the files are copied during boot to a `/tmp` directory with all...
  15. M

    386.8 - ssh passwordless login not working

    Hi, I recently updated my RT-AX88U to 386.8. Since then I can not get the ssh login working with authorized keys. I had this working previously. I've done the usual steps in various different orders: 1. Deleted the key from the GUI 2. Deleted the key using cmdline using various methods (...
  16. XIII

    How do you "remote" edit files on your router in a GUI editor on your Mac/PC?

    So far I have been mainly using vi to edit files on my ASUS router (in an SSH session on the command line), but I would prefer a GUI editor (with syntax highlighting, etc.) on my Mac/PC. Visual Studio Code has support for remotely editing files over SSH, but I don't think my AC86U router...
  17. V

    Where can I find configuration files?

    Sometimes it just much easier to access and modify some files via SSH. That's how I do on my OpenWRT devices. But on Merlin it is not clear for me where are the configurations stored. For example where can I find the Asus(?) MiniDLNA configuration file and where are the Entware related...
  18. H

    How to set up openvpn client through ssh

    Hello all, It's my first post here and i'd like to thank the developers and contributors of the Asuswrt-Merlin project. I've been using the firmware for a couple of years now, but only via the router menu. Because i find myself having to restart my VPN client multiple times a week, i'd like to...
  19. D

    Blocking internet access of specific device, by api call or command line

    Hi, I am just looking for some info, that is it possible to programmatically block a specific device internet access (API calls or by command line) Thanks in advance D.
  20. I

    Dropbear. Max auth tries reached. MaxAuthTries.

    Is there a limit on the maximum number of dropbear ssh sessions? Is there a setting like MaxAuthTries?