1. amplatfus

    [solved] A kind request for RT-AX88U owners about GMAC3 mode

    Hi dear RT-AX88U owners, Could you please help me to find out if RT-AX88U have GMAC3 or not? I have GMAC3 on RT-AC88U and it is set a limit to me when enable some etables rules in firewall. For instance if I want to drop 2.4Ghz and 5 Ghz traffic to one IP, only the rule with 2.4Ghz is working...
  2. G

    VPN Client start from SSH

    Hi All. In my practice it is often VPN client hangs because of different factors. To make it working again, I need to login web interface, go to VPN, open VPN client, open appropriate client (I have three different ones) and to disable and then enable it. Is it possible to restart the client...
  3. D

    SSH with Keys

    Hi guys, I'm trying to setup SSH via Mac/Terminal. I've followed this guide: But when I try to connect via terminal it just says: ssh: connect to host port 22: Operation timed out Any...
  4. M

    Asus RT-AC68U - LAN client can't ssh to another LAN client

    Hello, I recently upgraded my very old Linksys router to an Asus RT-AC68U. Everything has been great until now, where I have run into a strange problem. Before I go on let me just say that the router is running in "Wireless router mode / AiMesh Router mode (Default)" mode, using the latest...
  5. K

    Smooth switching of VPN client node/server over SSH on Padvan RT-N56U

    My first post - thank you to everyone here who has shared their knowledge. I would like to share a very elegant way of switching router VPN client exit node between countries/servers. I'm on Padavan with VPN Unlimited as provider using OpenVPN on a RT-N56U First, get your VPN...
  6. XIII

    Change colors in SSH shell?

    On my Mac and on my Raspberry Pi I can use $LSCOLORS/$LS_COLORS to change the colors of the output of the "ls" command (with bash/zsh). This does not seem to work on my AC86U router (with ash). (How) Can I change colors? (Or are they hard-coded?) (I would like to configure the colors to be...

    Should I be concerned about this? Merlin/Skynet Security

    My home network has mostly had this set up ... ISP Modem/Router > ASUS RT-AX88U > Devices I've just put the ISP Router in Bridge mode and set up the OpenVPN Server, and I am using it. However, I'm concerned about security now the ASUS is directly exposed to the Internet. I have Skynet...
  8. Freakandel

    Switching Guest network on/off wifi with SSH command

    Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to switch on/off the WiFi Guest network (2.4 and 5 Ghz) with a SSH command or script. I want to achive an easy way (wife proof ;-)) to get control over the Guest network in combination with Domoticz and a dVent, LUA or other script. Also, if applicable...
  9. Maurizio

    AC68U - Cannot access via GUI but via SSH

    Strange thing happening. I cannot login via the std gui at with my browser, nor from LAN or WAN. But I can still via SSH. LAN or WAN. If I reboot the router 1 or 2 times, then it starts working again as normal. What could it be? last Log: May 5 07:05:14 acsd: selected...
  10. W

    SSH out through router not working

    I have an AC68U with 384.13. Love it. BUT I can no longer SSH out through the router. From my server I want to SSH into another server across the world. No go. IS there a setting I may have messed up. I have port forwarding setup and can ssh into my server from across the world fine...
  11. C

    IKEv2 using own VPN client RT-AC5300

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if it was somehow possible, using SSH to configure it, to use IKEv2 instead of OpenVPN. OpenVPN takes my speed from 30 MB/s to 5MB/s at best. So I know that my VPN provider Windscribe has IKEv2 in their client and the speeds are usually phenomenal with that. I've...
  12. H

    Get access to HDD connected to RT-AC87U via SFTP (WAN)

    Hi, everyone! I'm new here -and in this little world of tweaking the router-. I've read a lot of posts and I think I am in a very advanced point of what I want to reach. My goal: to have my own video library at home, using Kodi, for the whole family and even to make it accessible where I'm who...
  13. Kamikaze01

    SSH via Android to Asus Router WITH SCP FILE BROWSER??!

    Hello Friends... As the title said: I want to browse through my Asus Router like a file browser from my rooted Android. But as long as I know the Router only supports SSH with SCP. And all Apps only support SFTP or SSH Command line :( Is there a way to browse through the router like a normal...
  14. Waffull

    upgrade firmware via SSH?

    Is there a way to upgrade the firmware from an SSH command line? I have the AC3200. For some reason my login no longer works via the website, but it does work via SSH. Hoping upgrading to the latest stable will solve the problem. Thank you, Marc
  15. thobux

    timeout in cli after 5s -> healed itself overnight

    I log in via SSH and key, Timeout is set to 20 minutes (in the GUI) but even disabling it doesn't make a difference. I seems to be something else. I'm cut off after 5 secs (I counted it). I reset my router teh other day had no issues with it before. The log says something like Kernel drop. Any...
  16. L

    HELP! disabled iptv protocol, blocked from net & router gui; how to enable it by SSH?

    I set the IPTV protocol from "MICROSOFT" to "disabled", thinking this only had to to with TV... well now I'm locked out of the internet but I can still SSH into the router; Is there any way I can enable this VIA SSH? Thanks
  17. S

    Force nvram settings after reboot

    So I have been having trouble using my router's Smart Connect because of region problems (bought US router in Europe and my router automatically uses 149+ control channel which is not allowed here so my 5GHz isn't detected at all). So I guess the only fix for this is changing nvram (by editing...
  18. HuskyHerder

    ssh quiet ?

    Is there a quiet option, when using ssh from my router (merlin) to my Mac @home, (all LAN) ? I already have automatic ssh working from the router to the Mac (key based, without password and no user interaction needed). Thanks to @JDB for the Merlin router <> AiMesh router help. It was...
  19. thobux

    using ssh key to logon to the router

    I only manage to do it with ssh-copy-id but just for a single session. How can I use my key persistently? I also wanted to check the uploaded key on the router but couldn't find it. Any idea what I'm missing? Thanks
  20. C

    SSH command to control "Block routed clients if tunnel goes down"?

    Hello I am setting up my Home Automation controller to send SSH commands to my Asus Merlin router to control somethings. I have managed to gain control over the VPN client connection and can turn it on and off via LUA code in my scenes. For example using a command such as os.execute("ssh...