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How to sync multiple PCs over a NAS?

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New Around Here
Hello all. I'm new to the forum.

I have 4 computers at home (3 laptops, one desktop) and a Synology NAS.
Each computer has at least 2 users (the wife and I). Some of them have users for the kids, as well.

I have created home accounts for every user in the NAS. And I back it up as well.

My question is: I'd like to take advantage of the local network to keep all computers on sync through the NAS, so that whenever someone works with a file inside his directory in any computer, it will be updated on the NAS and next time he opens another computer, the file will update there.

I tried using the Synology Cloud Station Server, but it's buggy. Not only did it use 100% CPU on my laptops, but it also filled up my NAS even though the total data between computers was rather small.

So: Is there another option, free if possible?
I've thought about making a script with FreeFileSync, but I don't know if it's the right way.

Rather than syncing data from PC's to NAS why not just store the data on the NAS?

I'm sure Windows supports the ability to remap storage locations to a remote location.

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