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Setting Up File Station. I must be just missing something.

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New Around Here
I'm a newbie to NAS, but I've been using Windows PCs my whole life. I've built a Linux computer from the mobo up. I'm ignorant to NAS, but not computer illiterate. I know how file systems and folder hierarchies work.

But I'm just not getting the file system philosophy with Synology.

I just bought a DS923+ with 12x12x16x16 TB setup with SHR as one partition. I have three domains for which I will be using my NAS: family/personal documents, media (photos, movies, ...), and a YouTube Channel. I considered setting up 3 partitions, but figured it would be more dynamic to just have one partition with three folders that I could set/restrict access to.

I have to admit, there were so many set up screens when I first plugged everything in that I kinda lost track of all the user names and passwords I created (thanks LastPass!)

Going into all of this, I assumed I'd have three top-level folders: Family, Media, YouTube. Within Family, I'd have subfolders for Me, Spouse, Kid1, Kid2, ... I figured I'd create my spouse as a user and give permission to all the folders. I'd create a Kid1 user with only permissions to the Kid1 subfolder, etc.

But I can't seem to recreate that, so I must just be missing something or misunderstanding the philosophy/hierarchy .

In File Station, I have two parent folders: Home and Homes. I don't really know why or if that's a good idea. I don't know if that was default, or if I set up a second one during setup that I didn't mean to/shouldn't have.

In File Station, Homes has the users I've created (so far, just me and my spouse. Will add the kids later when I figure all this out). Each user has a #RecycleBin and a Photos folder. My user additionally has SynologyDrive folder with subfolders I've created that I see on other devices. SynologyDrive is not visible in the Spouse User.

In File Station, Home has a Photos and the same SynologyDrive folder that is in my user folder.

I guess I figured the SynologyDrive folder would be the top-level folder, so I created a Me, Spouse, Media, YouTube folder inside the Synology Drive folder. But this does not seem to be the case, as neither the SynologyDrive folder is visible in the Spouse folder.

-- --Me
-- --Spouse
-- --Media
-- --YouTube
-- --Photos
-- --SynologyDrive
-- -- --Me
-- -- --Spouse
-- -- --Media
-- -- --YouTube
-- --Photos

The SynologyDrive folder appears to be synced between Home/ and Homes/Me/.

I've tried sharing the SynologyDrive folder with Spouse. I've tried changing the owner to the Users group instead of Me. Spouse has read/write permissions to the SynologyDrive folder. But no matter what I do, I don't see the SynologyDrive folder under the Spouse folder in File Station. The best I can do it get it to show up under Shared With Me in the Drive app. This is ok, I guess, but not what I envisioned (which admittedly may be a flawed vision). When someone shares a OneDrive folder with me, I can pin it to my OneDrive such that it shows up in my top level folder (or wherever I move it to). I can't seem to figure out something analogous here.

What am I not getting about the folder hierarchy? How do I best recreate the idea I had above? Or do I need to rethink how I envision the folder system in Synology?
I have an old DS1517+ which I use for Time Machine backups, a scanned document folder along with files & pictures collected over the last 30 years from lots of old hard drives
If each child has a log in id, they will be assigned a home directory which they have access to, without access to other resources unless they are given specific access rights, you would also need to give yourself & wife access rights if you need to see what the children are upto
Your wife/spouse can be assign a system level privileges which gives her wide ranging privileges

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