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Https authentication

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I have an rt-ax86u pro running the latest Merlin.

I changed authentication method for my router log in to https

I initially received a warning message that the page was not private. I disregarded the message and logged in anyway. (i am logging in on my ipad via safari).

However, after logging in, it takes more than 30 seconds to display the router main page. I can view the various different router setting pages, but changing pages takes anywhere from 10 to 30 plus seconds for the page to render.

Reverting back to http for log in results in the pages rendering immediately.

Going back to https and everything is extremely slow again. Is anyone using https log in successfully?
The warning message was telling you that your ipad can't validate the router's certificate which is causing the slowness. See the Asus FAQ about installing the certificate into your client.

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