Hyper Backup rsync - 218+ to 115j - I'm confused now on the results


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Recently had a NAS failure and have recovered data to a new NAS (DS218+) while the data is also on a USB drive I had thought I'd add a DS115j and copy the data.
The Data on NAS1 is a shared folder (data) containing a number of folders (music, users (with sub directories) backup app install files etc)
As a test I selected rsync copy (both NAS are on the same LAN) select destination (NAS2) and its shared folder (NetBackup) with destination folder as "user_name". Then prompted for the source I selected a small folder within the "DATA" folder on NAS1. (example ... /data/user_name) as a test
When the transfer is done on NAS2 I get a folder structure that has the data contained in user_name/data/user_name (?)
What I was hoping to see is the ability to have as source.. data/user_name and the destination as netbackup/user_name.. maybe this isn't a real expectation or the intended result on my part.
Ultimately if there is a better way I'm open for suggestions.

Thank you

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