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QTS build 20240116

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[Important Notes]
- This version is released in a staged rollout, which means we initially release this version to a small portion of users and then gradually reach more users over time.

[Security Updates]
- Applied multiple security updates to further enhance system security.

iSCSI & Fibre Channel
- Users can now import LUNs exported from QuTS hero. (Previously, users could only import a LUN if the source and destination NAS devices ran the same operating system.)

[Fixed Issues]
- Fixed an issue where after enabling passwordless login, and then logging in with "Keep me logged in" selected, the "Keep me logged in" function would fail to activate and the user would have to log in again the next time.
- Addressed an issue where if the myQNAPcloud app was open, users could not open Microsoft Office files using the "Edit with Office Online" or "View in Google Docs" function in File Station.
- The "Edit Shared Folder Permission" window in Control Panel now no longer counts hidden folders in the total number of displayed folders.
- Fixed an issue in myQNAPcloud > DDNS > IPv4 adress > Settings, where after specifying an IP address, users were unable to click the "Apply" button if IPv6 was enabled for the system default gateway.
- Fixed an issue where under certain rare conditions, disabling or deleting user accounts could cause unexpected changes to the user group configuration file.
- Fixed an issue where the NAS might become unresponsive after expanding a thin LUN.
- Network & Virtual Switch now no longer applies previously configured DNS server addresses to a virtual switch after the user configures blank values for the DNS server address fields.
- Resolved an issue where if a virtual switch was configured as the default gateway and NAT was enabled on the virtual switch, the NAS would lose its WAN IP address after a system restart.
- Addressed an issue where under certain conditions Notification Center could not open properly.
- Resolved an issue where updating the firmware might cause myQNAPcloud to log out the QNAP ID account that was logged in.
- Fixed an issue where a power schedule configured to run only once would end up running once every year.
- Addressed a rare issue in HybridMount where a user might unexpectedly lose access permissions to an SMB remote folder after network reconnection.
- Fixed an issue on some ARM NAS models where trying to shut down the NAS under certain conditions could result in restarting the NAS.
- Fixed an issue where if the physical adapter used by the QXG-10G1T network expansion card was bound to a virtual switch, after the NAS woke up from sleep mode, the expansion card would fail to connect to the internet.
- Fixed an issue where replacing disks one by one in a Qtier-enabled storage pool might cause the pool to become a normal pool with Qtier disabled.
- Fixed an issue in Storage & Snapshots where under certain conditions the Create a Snapshot Replication Job wizard would display an incorrect size for the source data.
- Resolved an issue on the TVS-1282T3 where users could not connect to the NAS via two of its Thunderbolt ports after a firmware update.
- Fixed an issue where after configuring the NAS as a domain controller, restarting the NAS could change the DNS interface settings, causing users to become unable to connect to the NAS.
- Fixed an issue where after a disk failed and was replaced with a healthy disk, Storage & Snapshots would incorrectly label the healthy disk as unsuitable for rebuilding the RAID group when it was another disk in the RAID group that was faulty.
- Resolved an issue in Control Panel > Network & File Services > Network Access > Reverse Proxy, where if two rules were configured with the same source, after disabling one of the rules, users could not enable the rule again unless the other rule was also disabled.
- Fixed an issue where connecting to a domain name that had been configured as the source of a reverse proxy rule would unexpectedly redirect to the NAS login page, even though users had not yet mapped the domain name.
- Resolved an issue where after removing Multimedia Console from App Center, the system still displayed the "Multimedia Services" status as "Enabled" in System Status > System Service.
- Fixed a French translation issue in Control Panel > Privilege > Users.
- Addressed an issue for some users where the system could not shut down properly under certain conditions.
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