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IGMP proxy on XT8

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New Around Here
Good evening,

To follow my ISP's instructions, I have configured my XT8 router as follows:
Internet: VID 100 / PRIO 0
LAN2: VID 100 / PRIO 5

The IPTV Decoder is connected to the LAN2 port of my router.

By doing this, I have access to IPTV... BUT...
When my IPTV decoder is running, I can't access the Internet on any of my devices, and I have nothing but IPTV.
When the IPTV decoder is off, I get Internet back on my other devices.

After checking, in the IPTV section of the router settings, it says "Enable multicast rooting DISABLED (Due to hardware limitation, IGMP proxy cannot co-exist with IPTV function".

Let me get this straight:
My ISP uses VLAN 100 to broadcast Internet and TV. Therefore, the router must be able to split the two via multicast routing, in order to provide Internet access to my devices and IPTV to the set-top box.
Is this right?
And my router doesn't seem to be able to do this?

Is there any other way of doing this? Without going through my ISP's router?

If not, are there any routers that offer this feature? Since my house has thick walls, mesh is a big plus for me...

Thank you

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