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In-a-dyn Cloudflare on Asuswrt-merlin

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Good day all,

I have been using Asuswrt-merlin on an old RT-AC3200 for 5 years now and about a year ago got a RT-AX58U. I have been having so many issues with the free Asus DDNS that comes with these routers where the Asus DDNS service either has expired certificate or it stops working for a few hours rendering the services I host for myself at home useless. I have finally decided to add Cloudflare to my existing website so I can use the Cloudflare API to update the DNS entry however I did notice that under the webui list Cloudflare is not there and I did read through the docs and did find "Using one of the services supported by In-a-dyn but not by the Asuswrt-Merlin webui" and was wondering if by any chance the webui will ever get updated to support the services that "In-a-dyn" supports or if the manual method using self created scripts will be the only way? I want to set this up but fear breaking something on the router resulting in a complete reset of the router.
Might want to consider using afraid.org instead. It's free, works perfectly, and non of the constant pestering required of others that want you to "verify" your hostname every two weeks just for the opportunity to upsell you.

Another option is to use dnsomatic.com to do the updating of Cloudflare DDNS for you. IOW, you configure DDNS on the router w/ dnsomatic, then dnsomatic updates Cloudflare. I still think using afraid.org is better and easier, but using dnsomatic is one way to extend the DDNS capabilities of the router.
Thank you for your response however I have looked at using afraid.org a long time ago and the exact steps that I had to take to use Cloudflare on my site is the same I need to use for afraid.org and afraid.org needs me to sign in every 6 months if I want my account to stay active. I am not jumping through the hoops again to change the domain nameservers again with my hosting provider. I will figure out how to use the "In-a-dyn" in docker and get the configs working so that I have a working config to use with my router. I am just not sure if the custom script for updating the ddns will fire only once per rooter boot or how it works. I might just keep that part off the router and get my docker host to handle all that for me seen as it is not so easy to configure

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