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Installing Merlin Firmware on ASUS RT-AX86U Pro

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Welcome to the forums @kebekoi78.

Verify what model router you have. If it isn't the RT-AX86U Pro, then the firmware you're attempting to upgrade with will never work via the GUI (and if you try to force it with other methods, you're likely to brick your non-Pro hardware).
I'm trying to install the Merlin firmware on my newly acquired AX86U Pro. However when i go to download the file on source forge (https://sourceforge.net/projects/asuswrt-merlin/files/RT-AX86U_PRO/), I only find the .pkgbt file which cannot be used by the router to update.

Any suggestion to fix that?

What does the sticker on the back of the router indicate for the model? What is the current firmware the router is running and what does that firmware indicate for a router model? How did you acquire and from whom did you acquire the router? Was it used?

RT-AX86U_PRO_3004_388.4_0_nand_squashfs.pkgtb is the correct Merlin firmware file for a RT-AX86U Pro router (I know because I used it on my RT-AX86U Pro). If your router won't load it, then you likely don't have an RT-AX86U Pro.

Edit to add: If you are running Asus or Asus-Merlin firmware the router model should be listed in the top left of the router's administration screen.
RT-AX86U Pro.jpg
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Thanks for the welcome!

So this is the screenshot I got ... everytime I try to select the firmware, nothing happens ...

router screen.png
Try am electrical reset.

Remove all USB devices.

Unplug all Ethernet cables from the router. Remove the power plug from the router and the AC wall plug too. Leave the power button on the router in the 'on' position. Wait a minute or two after the power is removed.

Plug in the AC wall plug, plug in the power plug, and do not connect any Ethernet cables.

Use the WiFi to connect to the router and initiate the upgrade.
What if i wanted to revert to the original Asus firmware? How do i go about?
Install the original Asus firmware, from their support site, then do a reset....

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