iOS 14 WIFi Privacy & WPA3

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Hi Guys,

Noticed on my router multiple IP addresses for our iphones and after a bit of research, turns out a new setting of "WiFi privacy" had been enabled by default.

This means that the iphone dishes out multiple MAC addresses so that the router dishes out an IP for each one (3) so that no one can track you, unless (i think) you are using a WPA3 network.

Anyway, is WPA3 becoming the norm?

I am currently test driving a Ruckus R610 and it has WPA3 or WPA3/WPA2 mixed available, although on my Cisco WAP571 there is no option, even with the latest FW.


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It might have something to do with the IPv6 setup on your router, actually. I can't remember off the top of my head, but this happens when the privacy extensions are configured in a specific way there...
this might help:

so - if you have 3 MAC addresses (!!!), one of them will be for IPv4, the other 2 for my recollection. you'd best roll up your sleeves, dig in and figure this out for your network


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IOS14 and private MAC addresses...

It's fine - some folks that do static reservations might have issues with this - just note that once the device is associated with an AP, it'll use the same MAC addr moving forward...

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