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IoT Device (Dyson Air Purifier) - Urgent advice needed on security

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It must have been hard, but it was the right thing to do. I assume this was an escalation over his previous behaviour. You've drawn a line - don't back down. Don't let it get any worse.

I don't really want to make recommendations because I don't know the whole context, but if it were me, I would have the three of you sit down, and discuss a plan that ends with him leaving the house and getting a place of his own. If he needs help getting a job to be autonomous, there are probably resources in your country that provide that. There's no shame in going through these, I went through such a government-provided service myself 25+ years ago as I was having trouble finding a job largely due to faults of my own. They helped be find a job that I never left - in fact I took over the business when the owner retired 7 years ago.

It took my father to convince me at the time to go through these resources that ultimately helped me land a job and actually start standing on my own two feet.
Thank you for your comments and suggestions. The current plan is my son will probably remain with us for this year while he saves up ready for some additional studies at University in September (he has recently started a job in Birmingham, which is paying him quite good money for his age). That way, it won't be necessary for us to support him financially and then he should be in a good position to find his own place to live
Start finding that new place today. With his money. Set a date when the move will happen. Put down a deposit, if possible. Have him sign a lease/rental agreement.

This isn't harsh. It's the minimum needed, now.

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