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IPTV - VPN via Router does not work, App does

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A bit vague this one, but I have a GT AX6000 running 388.5 release on a 900/100 connection. I have an IPTV which I have discovered that sometimes the 4K channels do not work, if I switch off Wi-Fi and go onto Mobile Data (5G), the streams load within 1 second and are flawless.

I have tried OpenVPN on the router and also WireGuard via TorGuard, neither work. However, If I use the iOS app for TorGuard, it works perfectly even on WiFi. I run a Synology with Adguard Home so my DNS points to that (unsure if this would make a difference), I am just not sure why when it connect via VPN directly on the phone it works, however when on the router it does not work. Any ideas?
Most channels work yes, but the 4K ones, It does not work without a VPN no

Worth noting that when I go onto the Apple TV and do a speedtest, I get around 450mbps and the IP reflects the VPN.

EDIT: I have tried setting DNS to the router and to CloudFlare to no avail.

EDIT 1: I have installed 'VPN Client Bee' on my Apple TV and imported my WireGuard config, and it works flawlessly direct on the device too, with the added benefit of I can use the full 900mbps bandwidth. However, it would still be interesting to find out why it does not work when it's on the router.
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