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Asus GT-AX11000 & IPTV w/ Metronet FTTH - Static IP

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I recently purchased a GT-AX11000 and installed the latest stable Merlin modded firmware for it and have a question/issue with getting IPTV underway

The povider is Metronet via FTTH with 2Gbit symmetrical service & IPTV service with a static IP.

The equipment & IPTV information is attached.

[INET]<------->[NOKIA G240 ONT] with LAN ports 1 & 2

Port 1----TECHNICOLOR VEN-501 (Wireless IPTV TX/RX to two STB'S & one DVR)
Port 2----Full Bandwidth 2-Gbit to Asus GT-AX11000 AIO<====>10Gbit Mikrotik switch<====>LAN

The IPTV w/ the VEN is using a 10.x.x.x subnet - obtained from the VEN I'm sure - may be modded if I can access to Web GUI I was told - to change it to my primary submit 192.168.0.x (if needed).

My issue is that the Asus router does not have Metronet listed in the IPTV company list.

I read somewhere that Metronet uses the 'standered' bridge mode which isn't exclusively listed. It's shown behind the 'Meo' provider.

Thus my question: Does anyone know Metronet's IPTV protocol?? How should I go about trying some of other companies listed or by using the manual mode?

It appears all the manual mode setting allows you to do is select the VLAN port(s) on the Asus to route the signal via CAT X cable(s) to each of the STB's.

Currently I have the port 2 ONT CAT 8 cable View attachment 54741plugged into the Asus's 2.5Gbit WAN port.

I will try calling Metronet and see if I can get the settings from someone as well.


Tim Dickerson, CEM


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