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LAN - IPTV - what does it do, and how to reproduce it on other than asus devices?

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I am using an IPTV set-top box from our local TV/internet provider. According to the provider, it has to be connected in a specific manner; otherwise, the set-top box won’t work.

Even if I use a managed switch, such as the Zyxel GS1200-8, instead of an unmanaged one, it won’t work. The only exception is when I use an Asus router with its IPTV settings with the following setup:

So the question is: What is the magic behind the Asus IPTV settings, and am I able to reproduce it, for example, on an OpenWRT or MikroTik router?
It's a simplified VLAN setting with all the specifics set up for various service providers. That you have selected none is a bid odd though.
Try using the search function in the forums, as there are already threads about it.

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