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Ipv6 is nice but what about mobile ipv6

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What is the current experience on mobile-ipv6 on Asus router and kernel.
It is easy enough to have a fixed ip range with enough ip addresses.... , there is native and slow tunneling....
Ipv6 extends the Ip address range .... to enorm extends but nothing can be done with it... ???

Mobile IP is the answer to connect to even remote(mobile machines using the native IPV6)

What is the current experience on mobileipv6 on asus router and kernel

Mobile ipv6 seems to apply to only portable devices. A router is hardly portable?

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it is about the other side !!! and all about ipv6 routing definition
the home agent is NOT mobile but implemented on a fixed address ipv6 router (asus-merlin ... dd-wrt are the enviriments to impliment just that !)

home agent keeps the translation table between fixed address and the native ipv6 address (icmpv6 protocol)

A mobile node inquires the fixed home agent to find the mobile node (servicing node) of the mobile ipv6 protocol.... local -changing-router( support within ipv6 specifications) AND optimizes the routing to a more direct path...

ipv6 should not be used as just a replacement of IP addresses.... giving everyone a /64 area , that hardly can be used (resticed to home location!)
mobile ipv6 should allow to use your full ipv6/64 range using devices mobile or pseudo static distributed outside your home boundaries .....
using the addressable range is one of the goals of ipv6, end a technology enabler for the future....

-part is supported by DNSMASQ rt-advrouting but no docs/experiances are found.
-there is need for a router kernel patch ..... no docs/procedures are found for arm7

asus-merlin as programable router should allow for mobile ipv6 ... mobile ipv6 is already specified since 2000.... with a stopover after 2004... so OLD stuff.

please any help is welcome. let's be interested in real IPV6
You asked the same question back in August last year and nobody ever replied. That suggests to me that there is probably no interest in this currently.
Trying to rock the boat

mobile ipv6 would offer more advantages : like world wide DHCP alike features
-1) use more of the potential of ipv6
-2) do away with plug and play
-3) do away with dyndns
-4) increase security
-5) make the tcp-ip worldsimpler.....

All these items are the core interest of this forum, it is worth it to give it a try.... it gives an edge

User or Asus-Merlin over dd-wrt because of simple support of "ipset" making my firewall easier....

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