Is there a smart alarm system that uses wired sensors

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I've moved into a new home where each window and door contains a wired sensor. Is there a smart alarm system that still uses wired sensors?


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Yes. I was looking to do the same thing.

As I remember the device replaces/ supplements the communication module on your alarm systems board so that instead of using a land line or cell connection it uses the internet for connectivity.

Unfortunately I don't have a link so you will have to search to see what you can find.

I found a link I saved. Not sure it ever got funded or went into production.
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I think he means that the sensors are wired to the base.

This is a good question; I recommend searching for your model alarm system to see if anyone has upgraded/replaced it without replacing the sensors.

One DIY workaround is to replace your current siren with a relay that trips a sensor on your new smart alarm system so that when the old base station alarms, it triggers the sensor your new base station is monitoring.

Personally, I wouldn't find that level of complexity/hassle desirable.


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I've moved into a new home where each window and door contains a wired sensor. Is there a smart alarm system that still uses wired sensors?

Yes - there are...

FWIW - many self install and professional installs use Z-Wave these days - and these tend to be more secure than WiFi/Bluetooth/BT-LE...

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Before the surge of Vera and Smartthings, there was HAI/Leviton OmniPro 2 and Elk M1. It has been a while since I looked at, or integrated one, but that may be a start. They do have an IP interface, and I think there was an API if you wanted custom interfacing.
I also see Konnected, but I know nothing about them.
If you are brave and have time on your hands (I do not) you could dig in deep and look at Home Assistant with some custom RPI interfacing.
Personally, I've shifted to Vera for now (wireless, automation, notifications), but there is also HomeSeer (hated testing it recently, bad customer service)/Smartthings (cloud based/hated testing it).


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Just an update. I’ve found Konnected and they offer a bridge that lets me hook up my roughed in wires to it. Once I’ve done that, I can connect the bridge to SmartThings via WiFi. Cost: $80 + $70 for this setup. Another way is to use eco link door sensors and hardwire using the built in terminal posts. I’ll need an eco link sensor for each door or window at $30 each. This saves from getting a hub but it’s z-wave instead of WiFi and it’ll end up costing more. I’ll keep looking.


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each window and door contains a wired sensor.
I use this home alarm system.
Pretty sure the one you show is wireless. Looks the same as a couple dozen others, and the one I installed 8 years ago, available almost anywhere including Walmart.

Personally I prefer the ancient wired setup I had in my last house, after I hacked it and learn a new programming language just to be able to configure it the way I wanted :)


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Sensor of a wire alarm is only open or close circuitry. Now a single digital IO board can do the job and they are many standard models available on the market with an Ethernet connector (see there for review). Basically you get both a wired and wireless alarm if you router has wifi. Then the alarm can be simply setup and monitor with a single apps.
An old android Smartphone with a Sim card could call, send text or email automatically in case of intrusion.



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I have converted a 1993 wired alarm to a smart system using an ESP32 module. I can set/unset it remotely using a key or via a dedicated webpage. The status (set, unset or alarm triggered) is presented by the webpage and an email.

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