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lan connectivity problems 384.3 RT-AC68U

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Hi. It has been a few days since I flashed firmware 384.3 on my rt-ac68u. Made a factory reset as suggested.

Every once-in-awhile my LAN becomes inaccessible. Both via windows network and http to a local server. all cabled on ethernet. static IPs by MAC through the DHCP server settings. For the http server I am using dnsmasc.

The lan was very steady before flashing the firmware.
Any thoughts?
Can you access your HTTP server via its IP address?
Have you done an nslookup on the hostname you are trying to access?
Thanks I was looking for that kind of direction:
IP address is dead as well. That was the first thing I checked.

nslookup from the windows terminal reports back on all the dnsmasq domains. Though I have already restarted dnsmasq from the terminal on the router.

I had also flushed the windows dns cache from the windows terminal.

When it happens again I'll run through those tests again.
Does this effect every device on your LAN? Does it effect internet (WAN) connectivity as well?

When the problem occurs try pinging to router's IP address.
It just went down again. I could ping the router from my pc. I couldn't ping anything on the other side of the router.

From the router I couldn't ping anything LAN other than my pc. WAN is fine.

When I view the client list on the router. It flickers as if it is reloading every x number of seconds. refreshes with just the wireless clients and then refreshes with the ethernet clients.

Restarted everything and we will wait the next occurrence.

Thanks for your time.
Check all the LAN cables for faults (preferably swap them with new ones) in case one has got an intermittent short and is bringing the entire switch down. Also check the LAN sockets at both ends of each cable - wiggle them around and check the lights to make sure the connection is solid.
Your last post is spot-on! I have a switch in another room. I replaced it and all seems to be well. It could be one of the cables or connections and the swapping out took care of it. Or it could be the old switch.

Every light on the replacement switch blinks in unison about every second. Would that make you think one of the cables has a short?

I thought my server might be crashing and bringing the whole LAN down but, there is nothing in the logs.
Every light on the replacement switch blinks in unison about every second. Would that make you think one of the cables has a short?
That just sounds like normal broadcast traffic which is being sent to all ports simultaneously. If you do some sort of data transfer to/from one of the connected devices then its port should flash faster.
Thanks for solving my networking problem -- that in the end is a hardware issue in my server. Probably the network adapter. Wiggling that cable seems to crash the lan and the server. I'll take care of the hardware issue. No need to continue here. Thank you. :)

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