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  1. T

    ASUSWRT_Samba_Fixer no longer works after reboot

    Hello folks I have been using an Asus Rt-AC86U router for several years. For me it is very important that I can access my individual SSDs and HDs on the USB3 port individually via Samba. That's why I installed the Samba_Fixer ( It ran for years...
  2. MarshallZA

    Question on GT-AX6000 2.5GbE Ports

    Hi SNB Peoples, I had a GT-AXE11000 until i dropped it this weekend. Like really badly. Like Paul Walker in a Porsche GT bad. I have ordered a GT-AX6000 to replace her, unlike the AXE11000 the AX6000 has Dual 2.5GbE ports. What I want to know is the following: I am going to plug my 1 Gig...
  3. A

    PS5 Wired LAN - Best Merlin game settings

    Hello, I have an ai Mesh setup with 2 AX86U, and have a PS5 that is connected via LAN. My ISP connection is 1.5gbit/1gbit I am running Merlin 388.2_2. I am curious what the best settings would be for the PS5 when looking at the Game menu (photo attached). Any opinion would be appreciated...
  4. aex.perez

    Looking for a scalable/simple/inexpensive psuedo VPN appliance...

    Doing a favor for a group of Nurses, looking for an approach that scales up and is easier than what I did for my son's Nurse... Looking for any way to make this work, consistently and simple to both configure and use. Background: My son's Nurse has a Chromebook where I installed OpenVPN and...
  5. J

    AX88U half of ISP speed over lan

    Hello, I seen couple of posts about this issue, but seems like never was sorted or people didn't put how their story ended up I have Aimesh system with main router is ISP one in modem mode, connected to main Aimesh via wan ===> AX88U ===> connected wia lan to node AX82U ====> AX82U connected to...
  6. M

    Asus RT-AX89X dual band WiFi router stuck on rescue mode

    My Asus RT-AX89X seems to be stuck in rescue mode, I’ve been trying everything I Can but it doesn’t turn on fully, the power light just blinks slowly. I tried uploading firmware and even hard factory reset it still won’t turn on
  7. GHammer

    LAN IPv6 DNS Entry

    Can you have 2 (or more) entries on the LAN-DHCP Server-IPv6 DNS Server box? If so, how to enter them? With ; or , or just a space between?
  8. BreakingDad

    Breaking Dad's Big Bad Gaming Discussion - For all things to do with PC Gaming !

    I thought I'd make a gaming thread as I tend to go off topic on other threads on occasion due to my obsession. So in making this thread there are no offtopics as long as it's kept to gaming, be it playing, hardware, voice coms, vr, lans or anything else to do with Gaming. Thought it could be...
  9. I

    Help with connecting Isp modem, a router and stb device

    Hello I have an ISP modem on the second floor and tp link Archer c20 router and ISP stb device for iptv on the first floor. I am looking to connect the ISP modem and the router with the 1 ethernet cable going from 2nd to 1st floor and then connect the ISP stb iptv device to the router. Is it...
  10. D

    help to better undersand FQDN, DNS, local domain

    I am trying to better configure my network and better utilize DNS. The more I try to do this, the more I think my thinking is a bit off with it. All my devices use a subnet mask of My DHCP pool is services hosted on 192.168.0.x and 192.168.1.x cameras on...
  11. StanleeSPUDwowski

    how to set a route - help

    Hello and Good day. Need some assistance with my current setup. I want to be able to browse both subnets in my home network. I currently have 2 ISP - sparklight cable 1gb and Century link dsl 80mb connections. How would i go about setting this. First network is Sparklight , modem connected...
  12. E

    386.7.2 Can I limit ipv6 6in4 access?

    Hello. I use IPV6in4 with Hurricane tunnelbroker. I would like to know if someone is familiar with a way to either a) deny one or more devices on the network use of ipv6in4 or b) enable only specific devices on the network to have use of ipv6in4? Either would work...whichever is easier if...
  13. D

    WOL(WakeOnLan) when local network traffic detected

    Hi there , I have currently two servers that I dont need to have running all the time( energy is getting more and more expensive). Therefor they go to sleep/shutdown once they are no longer being used. But in order to use them I need to always send WOL request either from the router or the pc ...
  14. I

    Looking for some detailed info on the "Use DHCP Routes" setting

    Hey all, I'm bringing another question here, because I haven't been able to find any detailed info. What does the Use DHCP routes setting do under LAN / IPTV? By default it's set to Microsoft, but I don't think I'm using the setting, so, should I set it to disabled? Also, does it control the...
  15. lluke

    Communication between Guest Network (IoT) and LAN device | RT-AC86U - 386.5_2

    Hi All, I’m trying to setup my network to isolate IoT devices from internal LAN (wired and regular WiFi), my personal devices (iOS and MacOS) are accessing the IoT ones through a single LAN device hosting Homebridge. Now the possible scenarios for the IoT devices are the following IoT device...
  16. A

    ASUS-RT-AX82U Router Randomly disconnecting

    Hello everyone, Thank you for a great forum. This is my first post, so please go easy on me. I bought an ASUS-RT-AX82U last year and although most of the time it's great, I've been having a lot of problems with it where it randomly disconnects from 2.4GHz / 5Ghz WIFI and wired LAN devices...
  17. macster2075

    Static IP not working

    I have 3 POE cameras and I have manually assigned specific IPs in the LAN DHCP service section, but ever since the last update the router will not assign static IP address. Every time the router reboots it will not apply the static ip addresses. Any suggestions?
  18. kelllogg9

    What are the Real-World LAN Transfer Speeds in MB/s for 2.5Gbe?

    Title says it all. At the moment i am only getting between 170MB/s to 217MB/s which seems small. I would have expected the real-world to be between 298-305.
  19. G

    How to allow openvpn clients to access my LAN PC?

    Hey, guys! I set up an OpenVPN server on my ASUS AC66U-B1 (running Merlin 386.3_2). I have to use tun mode to allow android phones. I set "Client will use VPN to access" to Both (the other two choices are "LAN only" and "Internet only"). My phone can access the USB drive connected to the...
  20. D

    Lan/Vlan configuration in Home Network

    Hi everyone, I am attaching my current/ideal configuration, but I'm not sure how to configure vlan on the switch. In detail I have a Tplink TL-SG105E managed switch connected to the router. I have a raspberry pi 3b + already configured and working with vpn (mullvad vpn). What I would like to do...